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The Rules


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For members/users:

The rules for this board are simple:

  • The topics discussed are intended for adult audiences & may include any of the following:
    • strong, harsh or even offensive language
    • adult/sexual situations and/or descriptions
    • strong sarcasm or [gasp!] insults
  • If you offend easily, or have a problem with adult oriented topics or content, or are a minor, then this is not the place for you.
  • If you're sensitive to very heated discussions, then you will not like it here.
  • Keep all discussions legal
  • Keep racism, racist comments, and other similar bullshit off the boards. Period.
  • Don't willingly post copyrighted images or content you do not own.
  • If you came here under the assumption that this is a dedicated site for AR/AW/veg, then you've been misinformed.
  • You are solely accountable and responsible, legally or otherwise, for anything you post.
If you can live with these, then fine. If not, leave.


If you're expecting censorship, or suppression of opinions, or to edit every little thing that pisses you off... then go away. You're at the wrong board.


Please note: Because we're a small community of friends, some moreso than others, you may see "favoritism", perceived or actual, shown towards one person over another. That's life. You'll just have to deal with it.


*Mods and Admins reserve the right to edit or delete any post or member, for any reason, at their own discretion, at any time.

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